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A Quick Fix For CS4 Crashing Problems

by DigitalDoyle

Just wanted to let you know about a fix I discovered for Production Premium CS4 applications.

I got my upgrade to CS4 a couple of weeks ago and was excited to get into it and start using it on projects. Adobe applications have always been extremely solid for me over the years, and I’ve grown to rely on that stability.

But I was rapidly disappointed when I crashed Flash CS4 within 10 minutes, doing nothing special or difficult at all. Then SoundBooth CS4 crashed on shutdown (of all things), after successfully letting me find the sound effects I needed for a project with the cool new Resource Manager. Then Premiere Pro CS4 crashed on takeoff. Didn’t even make it past the splash screen. When I did get Premiere to come up and tried to access and use the new Adobe Media Encoder for the first time, it crashed my normally rock solid PC so hard it instantly rebooted.

I. Was. Not. Happy.

I did like the new crash report system that Adobe’s instituted, though. You can send detailed info straight to the engineers after a crash. At first I thought maybe Adobe had released CS4 a little prematurely, as I have never had as many crashes in any of the programs as I did with CS4.

I was about to call Adobe and demand my money back and go back to using rock solid CS3, when I noticed after one crash while my computer was trying to shut down for a reboot, that I got several other crashes in background apps. One of them I recognized as my audio driver program for my Emu 1212 audio card.

That made me wonder, as I have had that one give me trouble in After Effects and Premiere CS3 a few times before, (when I attempted to use the Emu’s ASIO drivers in those programs). So I wondered if maybe checking for and installing any new drivers might make CS4 a bit more stable.  I decided to update my video drivers while I was at it.

Guess what? Not one single crash since, save a Adobe Media Encoder crash, which was actually caused by a faulty Quicktime player app (QT has always given me problems). Otherwise CS4 is solid as a rock.

So if you’re experiencing crashes in your CS4 apps, try updating your audio and video drivers and life might be a lot more pleasant and productive for you.

Oh, and CS4 ROCKS!!!


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Amy Stewart January 26, 2009 at 10:39 am

Hey Doyle,

I have had various shut-down problems also with CS4, especially with the totally unusable Contribute. Turns out (on the Mac) the problem was something to do with 2 files associated with the latest version of Safari. Didn’t matter if you ever used Safari or not… it still rendered Contribute useless. There was a fix posted at the Adobe forums for it (deleting those 2 files).

I’ve been pretty happy with the new features in the CS4 suite (Mac), especially Smart Guides. Except there are frequent redraw issues with Fireworks. I’m wondering if it could have to do with video drivers. I knew how to do all this stuff on Windows, but I don’t really understand how to deal with updates on the Mac side. When I go to “software update,” it tells me there is nothing that needs to be updated. I am not sure I trust what it says.


DigitalDoyle January 26, 2009 at 10:11 pm


It’s been so long since I’ve really been in depth with Macs that I’m afraid I’m not going to be much help.

In the olden days, as far as drivers and the like on a Mac, one size fit all. But now that Macs are Intel-based and use video cards similar to PCs (or in the case of the iMacs, custom derrivatives of the ATI Radeon cards), you’d think they would benefit from the same sorts of constant driver updates. But like I said, I don’t really know.

Speaking of Fireworks CS4 problems, Aral Balkan tweeted this NSFW url today:

Someone is most definitely not happy in which Adobe is going.

I’ve gotta add some better post editing tools to this blog and also figure out how to utilize the new comment threading that’s possible in WordPress v2.7.


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