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About DigitalDoyle

Hi There!

My name is Doyle Calvert and, DigitalDoyle is the name of my studio and freelance business. I am, among many other things, a WordPress ninja, and interactive multimedia, video and audio producer and have been in the rich media content production business professionally since 1988. Yep. Since the dawn of modern digital multimedia.

I do a lot of WordPress development using the Thesis framework. and more recently with StudioPress’s Genesis Framework. You can see examples of my work and my client list on my portfolio page. I also do a lot of interactive rich multimedia content development, motion graphics design/production, and video/audio production using HTML5, Edge Animate, Flash, After Effects, Premiere, and the rest of the amazing tools Adobe makes available.

A Fully Stocked Toolbox

My primary tool suite for rich media content production these days is Adobe CC. The power of this outstanding suite of tools is incredible. They allow me to visualize and make real anything I (or you!) can imagine. I also use Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, and Illustrator for motion graphics and video production, Edge Animate, Edge Code, and Dreamweaver for web development, Cubase and Audition for audio and music composing/production, and LightWave 3D and Poser Pro for 3D. Never in history has so much power been directly available to individual artists and communicators. I hope to demonstrate and share some of what’s possible here on this site.

Been There. Done That. And That. And That…

I’ve been using Adobe, (and before its absorption into Adobe, Macromedia’s), tools since their very beginnings. Grew up as a digital artist with them, actually. I also use Newtek’s excellent Lightwave 3D for 3D graphics and animation (from the time you could only get it on the Video Toaster on a tricked out Amiga), Cubase for audio and music production (since the mid-90s), and many many more digital tools along the way.

I do most of my programming  in AS3, but still have clients that  need and request AS2. I also speak Javascript (very similar to AS), and Lingo (from the Macromedia Director days), and lately I’m discovering just how many similarities there are between AS and PHP, and the power of combining the two. Imagination is the only boundary.

The past few years I’ve added WordPress development to my tool box. I very much enjoy creating beautiful powerful websites that a few years ago would’ve cost 10x as much as they do now. We live in amazing times.

I have extensive and wide-ranging experience in everything from web content production and coding, to interactive touch screen applications, to HD/SD video shooting, lighting, audio, compositing, and encoding for all delivery mediums, web to BlueRay DVD.

I hand-build and service all my workstations and servers from scratch, (except for my Macs and laptops), and do all my own IT chores to keep things up and running smoothly. The geek runs strong in this one.

I’ve taught courses in a number of the software packages I use, and have spoken on digital interactive topics at seminars and user’s groups.  I am constantly climbing any number of learning curves, seeking always to increase my usefulness. It is impossible to know everything about everything, though it is quite possible to know a great deal about a great many things. It just takes a little effort and a lot of passion.

Past, Present, and Future Lives

I also do product design and sculpture and in a former life attained the level of Master Craftsman in the Executive Aircraft completions business where I designed and fabricated interiors for some of the most exotic and beautiful royal and executive aircraft (jets and helicopters) and yachts in the world. A dedication to producing the highest quality and craftsmanship possible has carried over from that experience and permeates everything I do.


So what can we do for you?