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Big Bang Theory – Batman vs Superman Sweepstakes

by DigitalDoyle


Another fun project with the folks at Planet 365. This one is a sweepstakes promotion on the Big Bang Theory Weeknights website for the Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice “The Biggest Battle Sweepstakes.”

During the sweepstakes in markets all over the US, every night they run commercials during the syndicated Big Bang Theory shows and announce the ‘Character of the Day’ and direct viewers to the website where they can choose from among 6 characters to enter the contest. The players fill out a form and we record their info and choice in a database. Winners are chosen at random from the entries with the correct choice every day of the contest. This one was just plain php/html/jquery/css and it was a lot of fun. I’m blessed to get to work on some really interesting projects!

Since the sweepstakes only lasts a couple of weeks, and is likely to be over and done by the time you read this, here’s the game screen and form.





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