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EDS Germany City Fly Segue thumbnail

EDS Germany – Presentation Video Segues

3D Animation

  This one was a lot of fun. I created five 3D animated video segments that were converted to MPEG video and used as eye-candy segues between the main sections of a big electronic speaker support presentation for EDS Germany’s Energy Group. In this one you can see part of the opening animation where we […]

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EDS Electronic Speaker Support Thumbnail

EDS – Electronic Speaker Support

2D Animation

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to produce a lot of very different projects with EDS. Among them are tons of electronic speaker support for high-level EDS execs. This is a still from one of the 3D animations I did for EDS CEO Les Alberthal’s speech to the Edison Electrical Institute (Colin Powell was […]

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Thumbnail for touch screen interface for EDS GM SPO

EDS – GM Special Parts Organization Kiosk


I’ve done several interactive prototypes for EDS. Most notably, (for me any ways *grin*), the General Motors Special Parts Organization kiosks. I designed the interface, produced the graphics and animations and did the programming and media integration as well. I did most of the graphics in Photoshop and Painter and programmed it all in Director. […]

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Thumbnail image for EDS – Summit C-Store Management System

EDS – Summit C-Store Management System

CD - DVD Projects

I’ve done a couple of CD-ROM projects for EDS, including a CD-ROM for Summit Corp, which was a very detailed Convenience-Store management system. I used Infini-D for the 3D animations and graphics in this one, as well as Photoshop. Did the interactive development and programming in Director.

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