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I’m very proud to announce the launch of My Beloved’s new WordPress website, Darla did all the design and I brought it to life for her using the Thesis framework.

Darla has worked with me since my very first interactive kiosk back in 1988, and before she ever got into computers. She sketched out the characters on a piece of paper and I scanned them in using one of the very first primitive scanners for the Macintosh called Thunderscan.

Darla has designed and produced artwork for many of the projects we’ve done over the years. She’s particularly Gifted at photo restoration and digital painting and she did a great job for us on several projects we produced for the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture.

So please be sure to check out her new site, and if you need photo restoration and/or digital painting rest assured she will do an outstanding job for you.


So what can we do for you?

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