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EDS – Electronic Speaker Support

by DigitalDoyle

EDS Electronic Speaker Support

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to produce a lot of very different projects with EDS. Among them are tons of electronic speaker support for high-level EDS execs.

This is a still from one of the 3D animations I did for EDS CEO Les Alberthal’s speech to the Edison Electrical Institute (Colin Powell was also a featured speaker at this event).

I helped create this one with then-EDS’ers Kelly Harris (Project Manager Extraordinaire) and Laurie Franchini (Certified Graphics Goddess).

I created the 3D animation segments and graphics with a combination of Lightwave 3D, Infini-D, Photoshop, Canvas, Premiere. I then programmed the show in Director, and I even got to run it behind the scenes during the speech. Fun stuff!

The show was a combination of Director animated graphics, mixed with the 3D segments and video vignettes from old movies coming in dynamically off a laser disc, and projected on two 9 x 12 foot screens on either side of the speaker’s podium. This was way back in the mid-90s, before we could really do video in real-time on computers and had to pump it in externally and display it with a special video card that would let you show the video in a window. SO much easier now. 😉


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