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Legoland Fireworks Show

by DigitalDoyle


This is another fun project done with my good friend and client, Guy Bustillos of MB Digital Interiors for his client Merlin Entertainments Legoland locations.

At each location they have a city-scape created in legos, and in one part of it there is a wall background that serves as the sky. The exhibit cycles from day to night, and when it’s in the night mode, they had a 60 second fireworks display projected on the wall. The original fireworks was a real-world video, and Merlin requested Guy to come up with a more colorful and spectacular digital fireworks show.

Guy and I have worked together on lots of location-based entertainment and educational projects over the years, and he asked me to produce the new video. I used Adobe After Effects and Red Giant’s Trapcode Particular to create the fireworks. We had physical size and aspect restrictions for the piece due to it needing to run on the existing projectors, and the clients didn’t want any of the fireworks to explode outside the restricted area. No problem! 😉

Please click/tap the graphic above to view video.


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