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Jack Daniels – 150th Birthday Celebration

by DigitalDoyle

Post image for Jack Daniels – 150th Birthday Celebration

This was a fairly elaborate Shockwave mini-site done as a part of the Jack Daniel’s web site to celebrate Jack Daniel’s 150th birthday.

The site features another fine interface designed by Chris Howay. I brought it all to life in Macromedia Director. The games were done by Tamala Day and I. The project was coordinated on the Slingshot side by Dawn McKeag and Emily Spangler. It was an excellent team effort and the client was very pleased. In fact they liked it so well that it was integrated into the Visitor Center kiosks at the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg (which I also got to develop).

You can explore the timeline by clicking on the lever on the projector itself, or just grab the little bottle on the timeline and slide it to the year you want. Whenever there’s a game or activity associated with a particular year, you can click the ticket and play. Fun project that got a great response.

Since the site is no longer active, I’ve archived it here for demonstration purposes only. These archived projects are my modest attempt at preserving working examples of multimedia history. You’ll have to enter your birthday at the bouncer screen, as Jack Daniel’s requires everyone who sees this to be of legal drinking age. This piece uses the Shockwave plugin, so if you want to see it you’ll have to install Shockwave. This is a different plugin from the one you need for Flash. You can get the Director Shockwave version here: Adobe Shockwave Player.



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