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Jack Daniels – Crack Jack’s Safe Sweepstakes Promotion

by DigitalDoyle

Post image for Jack Daniels – Crack Jack’s Safe Sweepstakes Promotion

Five of us at Octopi did this promotion in roughly 3 insane weeks on massive quantities of caffeine and very little sleep.

It was an online game to promote the $100,000 sweepstakes that Jack Daniel’s was having at the time.

The game lets you choose to be any of three safe cracking characters, and your job is to pick the tools each character will use to crack the safe. Once the tools are chosen your fate is sealed, as there is only one correct combination of tools for each player. So you then sit back and watch to see how successful your choices were. There are 27 different animations that make up all the possibilities and some of them are pretty entertaining.

This was most definitely a team effort. Everyone at Octopi and Slingshot pulled together to make this happen in an amazingly short timeframe.

As for my part, I helped come up with the idea to do the animations as limited motion panel cartoons, since that was the only way we could complete what was required on time. I also helped write a few of the skits. I helped animate the excellent illustrations that we got from Shane Bingham and Chris Howay. I optimized them to keep the file size as low as possible. I also did all the interactive programming, as well as all the audio. I wrote and produced all the music and sound effects, and did all the voices except for Pretty Patty’s, which my wife Darla did. It was a lot of fun and I got to use most of my skill set in an ultra tight deadline situation.

Since the site is no longer active, I’ve archived it here for demonstration purposes only. You’ll have to enter your birthday at the bouncer screen, as Jack Daniel’s requires everyone who sees this to be of legal drinking age. I’ve also disabled the links which are no longer active. Just click the ‘Already Entered’ button when the time comes and you can play all you want. Enjoy!


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