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Mass Of Moments – Music Video

by DigitalDoyle

I recently had the pleasure of creating the animated motion graphics for a music collaboration between my good friend Kieron James, and talented poet Shadi A.

Kieron sent me a link to an early version of a song he was working on called ‘Mass of Moments’ to get some feedback. I liked the track and left a comment on his website giving him an idea of the visuals that his melody had evoked in my mind’s eye. Shadi read the comment and got in touch with me through Kieron. Shadi asked if I would create a video for ‘Mass of Moments’ for her, and also some abstract animated visuals that could be projected onto a screen behind her when she launched the debut of her new CD “Messy Spaces” by performing it live at an event sponsored by the Goethe Institute. I was honored!

She allowed me total creative freedom with the piece. When I heard the final mastered version (mastering done by another good friend Tony Tewes of PureTone Mastering), and got the lyrics from Shadi I discovered that my original concept for the visuals didn’t totally fit her lyrics. That, and the song is six and a half minutes long which is a lot of time to fill. We had a very limited budget for this piece, so I couldn’t do everything I wanted and imagined, but I’m pleased with the way it turned out and I had a great time putting it together.

See it for yourself, below the jump.

I got to splice together segments from old videos from the Prelinger Archives and also some old silent film scenes from the 1913 version of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, (since the lyrics referenced characters from the play) from the British Film Institute.

So please enjoy, “Mass of Moments.”

Here are Shadi’s lyrics:

Mass of Moments

I’ve got nothing left but time, Ophelia,
in these late autumn nights,
I have come to measure
the density of darkness,
I have come to measure
the mass of moments,
the heavy sleepless hours in between…
I have come to measure
the speed of my lost
lovers madness.

-Remember him so much
that I am forgotten.
Remember him so much, Ophelia
that the rest has become a myth.

In a dream last night I saw
you running,
alongside fields of white poppies,
like someone suddenly born into color.
I saw sunflowers trying to reach the moon
and the colliding of two heavenly bodies above
-the willow growing aslant the brook.

At a predestined moment, Ophelia, I have come to be
that weeping brook, turning
the water wheel
with the flow of my tears

Remove the cork once more;
I have come to turn grapes into wine,
carry the autumn leaves
into the streams of a newborn spring.

Euphoria blossom, Ophelia,
the speed of his madness,
my lost lover of leaving…
Remove the cork once more.

©Shadi A., selected lines from Molana Rumi, autumn 09


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6ft5 March 26, 2010 at 2:39 pm

Great work by all included! Love the collage effect of blended images. It all fits together somethow.


DigitalDoyle April 4, 2010 at 10:58 am

Thanks, Göran! Very much appreciated!

It was an honor to be a part of this project. Shadi emailed to let me know that the live performance on the 25th went off without a hitch and everything worked great. I was a little worried about that since it was my first PAL DVD and I had no equipment on which to test the DVDs.


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