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A Few Story Videos From The Old Red Museum

by DigitalDoyle

Post image for A Few Story Videos From The Old Red Museum

Below you’ll find links to a few of the more than 170 historical story videos we produced for The Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture. I will be putting up working examples of some of the 41 touch screen kiosks we produced for the museum soon, but for now, these are just a few examples of the video stories that run in the interactive kiosks in the 4 main galleries in the museum.

Early Years Gallery – Pre-History to 1873.

The first one is a the story of James Beeman and John Neely Bryant and how Dallas was first established.

This is a story about early Polish visitor, Kalikst Wolski, describing what life was like shopping for necessities in very early Dallas township.

Kate James relates the story of family life in early Dallas, and a trip into town from what would eventually become Garland.

This story relates the recollections of former slave Henry Miller.

This is the story of Sarah Horton Cockrell, one of the first successful female entrepreneurs in Dallas.

And here’s a story about Frenchman Maximillien Reverchon extolling the virtues of Dallas’ rich agricultural potential, and Texas’ destiny to produce great wines.


Trading Center Gallery – 1874 – 1917

The amazing celebration of the 1888 State Fair.

“Pauline Periwinkle”, the pen name of Isadore Callaway, first woman editor of the Dallas Morning News, calls for inclusion of women’s voices in public policy.

The devastation and destruction caused by the Great Trinity River Flood of May 24, 1908.

A very early aviation story chronicling the first Dallas International Aviation Meet in 1911.

The story of Gottleib Schoellkopf and how he originally came to Dallas and started his saddle and leather goods business, as told by his descendant former Dallas City Council Member John Schoellkopf.


Big D Gallery – 1918 – 1945

The massive engineering effort to build the Trinity River Levees.

Cub reporter Tom Simmons gets his first by-line in the Dallas Morning News by covering the ambush of the infamous Bonny and Clyde.

Leader A. Maceo Smith encourages African Americans to pay their poll tax and vote and make their voices heard.

The team of historians at Old Red didn’t just want to tell the good parts of Dallas County History. They also included a great deal of the ugly realities as well. As in this story of African American, George F. Porter, president of Wylie Junior College, who was bodily thrown from the Old Red Courthouse for refusing to step down when he was called to serve as a juror in 1938.

Vivian Castleberry remembers the sacrifices the homefront made during WWII.


World Crossroads Gallery – 1946 – 2002.

Here’s the interesting story of radio broadcaster and former Mayor of Dallas, Wes Wise, revealing how baseball was broadcast live on the radio in the early days.

Legendary senior African American Attorney Louis A. Bedford offers his perspective on a segregated Dallas.

Civil Rights leader Juanita Craft describes racial integration struggles in Dallas.

Dallas City Councilman Pedro Aguirre tells the chilling story of the killing of 12 year old Santos Rodriguez by a Dallas Police officer.



These are just a tiny fraction of some of my favorite interesting stories we were privileged to help bring to life for the Old Red Museum. If you’re ever in downtown Dallas, you should treat yourself to a visit of this beautiful jewel of a museum.

So what can we do for you?

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