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Testing Sunday Morning Esosoft Fix

by DigitalDoyle


Testing to see if the stripping of the < and > tags when published through Windows Live Writer has been fixed.

Whoo Hoooo!!! Live Writer is working again!

Robert at Esosoft is the best! Thanks Robert!

For those of you who use Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer to create your WP blog posts, if you find that your posts are showing up unformatted and with the < and > symbols stripped out, you can find the reason and the fix here.

That link contains the fix other links with background info about the problem and its causes. If your blog or site is on a hosted service, you’ll need to contact your provider and send them that link so they can update their servers.

If they don’t or won’t update and fix the problem, I highly recommend ditching them for a quality provider, like Esosoft.


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